The Art of FLIGHT – Snowboarding film trailer w/Travis Rice

Possible one of the best examples of modern film making. The Cinematography, Graphics and concept of this ‘out of the box’ Snowboarding Movie is none other than spectacular. Produced by the infamous Red Bull Media House in partnership with¬†¬†Brain Farm Digital Cinema, they captured the soul of Snowboarding and extreme sports in all its glory.

The HD Cinematography of this production really comes into its own when you see the pan shots across the peaks of Patagonia and Alaska, the depth of field plays havoc with your senses and gives you a snapshot view of the majestic mountain ranges and glaciers this world has to offer. Follow Travis Rice and his pro team as they experience Heli Boarding on a whole other level. Highlights for me are the vertical drop line in Patagonia and the gas bottle shooting range… yes thats right, boys and toys at its best. Recode recommends you not only watch this clip, you go out and buy the Blue Ray DVD and watch it repeatedly. Inspiration at its absolute best!

Take a moment, sit back and enjoy!


Ricardo Porteus

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